Release cover
Release cover


  1. Kissed
  2. Comin' Around
  3. Lemon & Lime
  4. I lied
  5. Victory
  6. 1432 Dexter Avenue
  7. My Cosmonaut
  8. Everybody Knows
  9. It's Too Late
  10. Honey Honestly
  11. As Kids

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Daemon released Three Finger Cowboy’s record, Kissed, in 1998.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, TFC helped to define their community’s garage power pop rock scene. At the helm of the band was Katharine McElroy on guitar and vocals. Caleb Gentry played drums, Ryan Kirby played bass, and Jason Hamric was on lead guitar. Not long after they started, Hunter Manasco replaced Jason on guitar, and Hunter and Katharine began their long run of musical projects, including the Daemon bands, Nineteen Forty-Five and Snow Machine.

This is the original bio that came out with the release of the record.

In the summer of 1956, a struggling young musical group called Blue Jean and The Bubble Gum Brigade set sail on their maiden tour of America. Armed with only a few homemade musical instruments and an indestructible dream, the quartet took their unique blend of country, folk, and jazz music to the backstreets and alleyways of the Midwest. On one sweltering evening, The Brigade wandered into a desperate, drought-stricken town in Iowa. Sensing the local depression, Blue Jean and the Boys decided to stage a free concert for area children. As they began to play, the audience grew, and soon The Brigade’s music could not be heard over the roar of the frenzied crowd. Blue Jean begged bystanders for help, and an enterprising young cowpoke in black denim answered the call. The mysterious stranger drove his old pickup truck onto the stage and attached jumper cables to the band’s simple instruments. He cranked the engine, and soon, the melodious sounds of Blue Jean and The Bubblegum Brigade echoed throughout the land. After the concert, Blue Jean tried to thank the quiet cowpoke, but he simply waved his hand…a hand missing two fingers. The next day, the band changed their name to Three Finger Cowboy in honor of the inventive savior.

Today, Three Finger Cowboy merges the off-kilter tunefulness of Yoko Ono, the heavy metal thunder of black Sabbath, and the sweet soul of a young Michael Jackson. Bassman Ryan Kirby is a closet Yes fan with a penchant for torts, while drummer Caleb Gentry is famous locally for puncturing a bullet-proof drum head. Guitarist Jason Hamric is best known for his award winning performance of “Andre the Giant” in an NBC miniseries about the wrestlers of the WWF. As a child, guitarist/vocalist Katharine McEroy developed a deathly fear of kites, a fear which still cripples her to this day and inspires most of her songwriting. Three finger Cowboy’s music is defined by their striking ability to combine falsetto harmonies, brute forces, sheer size, and neuroses into 100% power pop.

In the short span of forty years, Three Finger Cowboy has gained a loyal following among the glam-rockers and housewives of Birmingham, Alabama. After playing steamy gigs in Atlanta, Nashville, Athens, Pensacola, and other locations around the Southeast. Three Finger Cowboy is frequently mobbed by cascades of corduroy-wearing, clove smoking youngsters anxious to procure the rare autograph or lock of hair. The Three Finger Cowboy song featured on SpinART Records’ Lemon/Lime Volume 2 Compilation is so volatile, it actually causes certain car CD players to combust on contact. Their Daemon Records release, Kissed, is currently being considered for the Appleton-Smith National Award for Artistic Achievement and Merit in Music (A-SNAAAMM). At the end of the day, Three Finger Cowboy represents the spirit of youth, the promise of an Alabama sunrise, and the love of all things rock ‘n’ Roll.

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