Release cover
Release cover


  1. Down With People
  2. The Ram's Den
  3. Return As A Bird
  4. Who Killed Bobby Fuller
  5. Lucia P.
  6. Hinghanghung
  7. O Pharaoh
  8. R-a-t-step
  9. I'm Your Puppet
  10. The Latin Social
  11. Picks Her Teeth
  12. Cropdust
  13. Arm In Amr, In the Golden Twilite, We Loitered

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Formed in the summer of 1994 in Cabbagetown, GA from the remnants of the Jody Grind, DQE, Opal Foxx Quartet. The lineup consisted of Chris Lopez (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Justin Davis Hughes (guitar, piano, organ, backing vocals), Kelly Hogan (guitar, backing vocals) and Chris Verene (drums). The Rock*A*Teens were one of the most successful and influential bands on Daemon Records. They proclaimed themselves, Orbisonic reverb-drenched art-billy bummer rock. Joy Division meets The Ventures. A wild ride from the perversions of the gallantry of South Harlem. Desperate rock for desperate times. In the midst of this desperation was a brilliant storyteller with cinematic leanings and soaring melodies that made even the toughest cry. They released 2 heavily praised records on Daemon and then went on to record for Merge Records. Their 1996 self titled debut was twitchy, trashy, off-kilter, lo-fi, three guitar, no bass blend of noisy x-like punk, 60's garage-rock caterwaul, crazed girl group harmonies, and echoing, cramps-like surf/rockabilly roar.

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