Release cover
Release cover


  1. C'est Noire
  2. Come Back to My Arms (And Stay)
  3. Soothing
  4. Flora Avenue
  5. She Favors Winter
  6. Whirl Twirl Toy
  7. Kaleidoscope React
  8. Back Off
  9. Be With What Is
  10. Speak To My Face
  11. Hand Hurt
  12. I Want to Shrink
  13. pH Balance

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pH stands for Pam Howe: singer, musician, poet, claimer, soother, seamstress (her halter tops are flawless) and sorceress. (amen). She is a veteran of the Atlanta music scene and headed the bossanova pop outfit Cicada Sings that exploded nationally and literally in the early 90's. She founded ph Balance in 1996 with longtime collaborator Chris Burt, MC/DJ Mudfish, and bassist Aaron Platt. Percussionist Tony James added heart beats shortly thereafter. The band was birthed from a love of hip/hop, acid jazz and a real need for southernpoetic communication transferred via soul hums and collard greens.