Release cover
Release cover


  1. Crush
  2. Fired Away
  3. It's the Sound
  4. D.S.F.
  5. Skeeo
  6. America (I'm Wasted)
  7. Oblivious Theme Song/div>
  8. Name Is
  9. That Was
  10. 20's
  11. Marianne
  12. Does Anyone
  13. Witness
  14. Homeless
  15. 20's (Backwards Version)


Holly Vincent, front woman and songwriter for The Oblivious, was best known for her early-eighties success as Holly and the Italians (who released two critically acclaimed albums on Virgin/Epic and had a hit single with "Tell That Girl To Shut Up"). She created The Oblivious and continued to make her infectious new wave infused rock. Daemon released her record America in 1993 to rave reviews.
This record is now available through Holly Beth Vincent.

Who's Saying What

"Holly is back with more than a vengeance on America, and I urge you not to miss her flight this time. The only question that remains now: Is it too early to vote for the record of the year?"

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