Release cover
Release cover


  1. Love You Loud
  2. Cecil's Waterfowl Ranch
  3. Gossip
  4. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else's Lover
  5. Fidgity Faj
  6. Ennui
  7. Avenue X
  8. Nerves
  9. Pipedreams
  10. Lulu's Walk
  11. Snake Dance
  12. Have Funk

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MRS. FUN plays hardcore electra-acid-jazz. Complex, sophisticated and adventurous, their music is a provocative blend of off-center jazz, ultra-funk, and spoken word rap. Intelligent lyrics, flawless musicianship and a dynamic stage presence are hallmarks of their music. The MRS. FUN sound is derived from Connie Grauer's funky bass-driven keyboard playing, combined with Kim Zick's aggressive in-the-pocket drumming. "Grauer is a piano player with few equals in this town whose drive and energy spills across the stage and into the audience like nitrous oxide. She's got a left hand that doesn't quit, the mark of any great pianist, and a right hand with limitless boundaries." Zick holds court as a "heart-stopping drummer" whose "grooves get so far out, most people need a map to get back." Voted Best Contemporary Jazz Group by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) three consecutive years, Grauer and Zick have also received WAMI awards for Best Instrumentalist: keyboard and drums. Grauer has also received awards for Best Female Vocalist and Best Stage Entertainer.

The 1999 release, The Best of Mrs. Fun was a Daemon excusive, a collection of their most-loved songs at this point in time.

Who's Saying What

"Their musicality and stage presence remind me of the glory days of vaudeville. Kim and Connie are kind of like the Bert Lahr and Al Jolson of modern music."

Victor De Lorenzo ex-Violent Femmes

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