Release cover
Release cover


  1. Silver Tongues
  2. Spade
  3. So Precious
  4. Sinster
  5. Jackson's Lullaby
  6. Going Out
  7. Deception Of Light
  8. Touble In Paradise
  9. Criminal Hero
  10. Madness Is A Numbered Face
  11. Feeling Hope

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or the uninitiated, James Hall was the charismatic frontman for Mary My Hope, a mid-eighties Atlanta-based band whose music formed a bridge between the remnants of goth and glam and the dark, metal-tinged styles of today, a missing link between Love and Rockets and Smashing Pumpkins.

His debut solo record was released on Daemon in 1993 to massive critical acclaim. His solo music held the same eccentric and punk charisma as Mary My Hope but was now infused with vintage deep funk leanings- a combination of Jane’s Addiction and Echo and the Bunnymen mixed with The Meters and James Brown. In 1996, Geffen Records stepped in and bought the rights to this classic record, allowing Daemon to sell its remaining CDs. James Vincent Hall is still making music!

The press wrote.

“Hall's debut with his new backing band, is one of those albums that could only arise out of life after abdication, in exile from the whirling gears and grinding cogs of music biz machinery.”