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  1. I Lie To Myself
  2. Face Yourself
  3. Carnival Song
  4. Where I Belong
  5. Unheard Voices
  6. Tired Talkin'
  7. No Question
  8. Emily's Rainbow
  9. Some Other World
  10. 21st Century Don Quixote
  11. Guess Again

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Gerard came out of the Atlanta garage folk music scene, influenced by “left of the dial” bands like Husker Du and The Replacements. His ragged folk music helped to define the singer-songwriter scene of the 80’s and 90’s in the Southeast. Many writers cite him as an important influence-lyrically, rhythmically and melodically. He had many collaborators including Michelle Malone, Michael Lorant, Indigo Girls, and went on to play in various bands such as 54th Mile, Drag the River, and The Crafties. Gerard also delved into writing quirky, sometimes spooky, children’s music. Gerard’s CD, Yard Sale was self-released in 1995. One of his most covered songs, Tired of Talking is the gem on this record. The songs continue on the garage-folk path he forged with his Daemon release, More Than I.

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