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  1. Shut Them Down
  2. Drink Of The Death Squads
  3. Saint Patrick Battalion
  4. We Are Everywhere
  5. Minimum Wage Strike
  6. Hang A Flag In The Window
  7. Jenin
  8. In One World
  9. Behind The Barricades
  10. Song For The Earth Liberation Front
  11. Intro To Song For The BBB
  12. Song For The BBB
  13. I Remember Warsaw
  14. Intro To Henry Ford Was A Facist
  15. Henry Ford Was A Facist
  16. If I Die Tomorrow
  17. Intro To The Flag Desectration Rag
  18. The Flag Desectration Rag
  19. Who Would Jesus Bomb?
  20. Operation Iraqi Liberation
  21. I Wanna Go Home

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Behind the Barricades was released in 2003 as part of the Daemon Records/AK Press political folk series. He is considered one of the most important political songwriters of this era, and tirelessly supports and shows up for the important protests and celebrations. He is an artist who willing to be in the trenches! In David's Words:
I'm a songwriter. Most descriptions would hasten to add, a political one, since anyone who writes about something other than their navel these days is generally considered political. I believe music can be more than an escape. It can be a tool for selling products on the one hand, or part of the stockpile of ammunition necessary to build and maintain a social movement. Since the mid-90's I've been spending most of my time on tour, playing concerts around the US, Canada and various countries in Europe. Often for dozens, fairly often for hundreds, and a few times for many thousands, at rallies and protests.