Release cover
Release cover


  1. Go Right Through
  2. Wait
  3. Oh Brother
  4. Time Won't Help
  5. Tree Song
  6. Well If It Don't Happen
  7. Sweet Elise
  8. Hunger Of The Ant Mutants
  9. All The Things
  10. Storyteller
  11. Mending You
  12. Boot Lady
  13. Black Here

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I met Danielle back in the early 90’s in Charleston, SC playing at a rock club with some friends of mine. I was totally taken aback by her southern punk rock, and got a view into what a folk musician gone rogue could be. Her voice was as classic as Patsy Cline with a southern drawl to match, her lyrics and life were straight out of a Flannery O’Connor story, and her musical leanings ran the gamut from punk to country to folk to jazz to rock. She hung with the southern kids in the Carolinas and the punks in DC. She has been adored and touted as the “musician’s musician, the songwriter’s writer,” she has constantly reinvented herself and rolled with every punch the music industry could come up with.

The now-defunct Lay Quiet Awhile led by Phil and Dan Cook brought Danielle into the band in 1989 and quickly gained notoriety in Columbia, SC’s burgeoning music scene. They described themselves as melodic thrash/folk/metal. Definitely eclectic, they played with spontaneity and a lack of pretentiousness combined with a laid-back southern twang that could charm the toughest rock critic. This band was the first form that Danielle took as an artist on Daemon, and this 1995 release, Delicate Wire launched her into the critics’ circle of acclaim, where she has stayed ever since.

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