Release cover
Release cover


  1. Rock Out
  2. Far Away
  3. Broken In
  4. Underground
  5. Bowling Baby
  6. Do As I Say
  7. Who Needs That?
  8. For Your Amusement
  9. Lost Your Chance
  10. Figure It Out
  11. Leaving You
  12. Beat You Up
  13. Be My Baby
  14. Silence

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6X was an Atlanta, Georgia based rock band with Lara Kiang, Kevin Rej, Rob Gal, and Tim Johnston. They were signed in 1998 and released 2 punchy garage pop records, Kung-Pow and Thunder Bomb. They disbanded in March 2003, playing their final show at The Star Bar, Atlanta, GA. This is their original band bio from 1999.

Thirty year-old Tim Johnston is the drummer for 6X. Formerly with the band 17 Years, Tim has been with 6X for almost three years. When not playing in 6X Tim is often found giving drum clinics around the Southeast. These clinics are usually for charity as Tim has a deep social conscience and a strong desire to "help out." Tim moved to Atlanta in 1992 after graduating from Harvard with a degree in political science. Mr. Johnston also plays the tambourine and the shakers.

Lara Kiang is the lead singer/guitarist for 6X. She was also a featured member of the punk/pop ensemble 17 Years. Prior to her work with 17 Years she was a charter member of the well known group "Hummer." Lara is well traveled and loves to entertain with her gourmet cooking. Her love of cartoons has lead her to her current side job at the Cartoon Network where she oversees all facets of the industry. Lara also was a popular mainstay at radio station Album 88 in Atlanta for many years before turning her many talents to live performance!

Kevin Rej holds down the low end of 6X with his dynamic bass playing. Kevin cut his teeth in the fabulous 80s band "Dead Elvis." Moving onward and upward to glorious heights in the band "The Mouthbreathers." On stage Kevin is a wild man, a veritable Tasmanian Devil, but off stage Mr. Rej has a much more gentle and reflective side. It is not uncommon to find Kevin curled up in the back of the tour bus reading some Voltaire (in French of course!) or perhaps working on one of his epic poems. The graphic arts are just one of many disciplines Kevin has mastered and he runs an art studio as a means to help some of his less fortunate friends retain employment.

Rob Gal plays guitar for the band 6X. He has worked with a number of bands from the Atlanta area, most notably "The Coolies." Farming and just being with his animals is what the soft-spoken musician loves the most. On occasion he may be coerced into leaving his bucolic existence to come to town to produce some up and coming band in the studio but then it's right back to working the soil

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