Release cover
Release cover


  1. In a Red Cavalier
  2. Through the Ocean
  3. A Shadow of You
  4. Anja
  5. A Murder in California
  6. Cemetery Gates
  7. Andrea Doria
  8. The Whore Next Door
  9. My Old Ohio
  10. Cordova

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Nineteen Forty-Five was an offshoot of the Birmingham, Alabama’s critically acclaimed Three Finger Cowboy. Hunter Manasco (vocals and guitar) and Katherine McElroy (bass and vocals) joined up with and Will Lochamy and his drums to compose the heavy, indie-tailored punk rock of 1945. The group formed in 2000, inspired by poetry and literature. Noted for their musical kinship with The Pixies and Nirvana, Manasco and McElroy were iconic musicians and writers from the Birmingham scene and took as much inspiration from great literature and film, as they did from music. Their musical partnership has carried on into many other projects and left a lasting legacy.

Together We'll Burn Like Autumn Leaves marked their impressive debut in 2001.

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